INDONESIA’s five super priority tourist destinations have successfully attracted several countries to invest. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will invest in one of the five tourist destinations.

According to Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, said that apart from the UAE, there are Saudi Arabia, India, Russia, Spain, and several countries in the G20 who are in the process of offering investment in five super priority tourist destinations.

“Not only as a potential investment opportunity, but also as a potential for sustainable green tourism. It was noted that from all countries that were offered to invest, they were willing to spend US$6 billion to US$8 billion or IDR91 trillion to IDR122 trillion by the end of 2030.

He said, this must be accelerated and involve all parties, including domestic investors, and regional investors who have not been actively investing in the tourism sector.

“I convey that tourism is recovering twice as fast. If we don’t take this opportunity intelligently, it will be lost and replaced by entrepreneurs who take this opportunity from citizens,” he remarked.

Previously, Sandiaga invited G20 member countries and guest countries at the 2022 G20 Tourism Ministerial Meeting (TMM) to invest in the tourism sector and the country’s creative economy. In particular, in five super priority destinations and eight special economic zones (SEZs) for tourism.

In his meeting with the delegates of the 2022 G20 Tourism Ministerial Meeting (TMM), Sandiaga mentioned many things. Starting from the plan for cooperation in the development of the tourism sector and the creative economy.

“We believe there is a very important market for us to promote, innovate, and collaborate. Not only in the field of tourism but also the development of the creative economy,” Sandiaga noted.

In addition to the various cooperation opportunities, he also discussed investment opportunities in the tourism sector and the creative economy. The locations offered are five super priority destinations as well as eight tourism SEZs in various regions of the country.

The five super priority destinations are Lake Toba, Borobudur, Mandalika, Labuan Bajo, and Likupang. Meanwhile, the eight Tourism SEZs are Tanjung Kelayang SEZ in Belitung, Nongsa SEZ in Batam, Tanjung Lesung SEZ in Banten, Singosari SEZ in Malang, Mandalika SEZ in NTB, Likupang SEZ in North Sulawesi, Morotai SEZ in North Maluku, and Lido SEZ in Sukabumi, West Java. [sources/photo special]