THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy invites the Regional Government of Labuan Bajo, NTT and various related parties to continue to innovate in developing the tourism sector in these super priority destinations.

Especially in the area that is on the land belonging to the Implementing Agency for the Labuan Bajo Flores Authority emphasizes the need for innovation, especially in the case of Special Economic Zones (SEZ), so that people can develop themselves more in their work.

There is a need for innovation and assessing what needs are needed to support the current new ecosystem for the development of the area in Parapuar which will later become an advantage and different from other SEZs.

Rinca Island with various tourism infrastructure developments such as a pier with a design inspired by the physical form of the Komodo dragon, a new trekking route in the form of a deck for visitors, a Museum and Information Center for visitors, as well as lodging. There is also a gazebo and guard post for researchers, tour guides, and rangers.

Furthermore, in Green East, a business engaged in agriculture that was established in 2020. Green East applies the concept of hydroponic agriculture but in a simple and efficient way so that it becomes a solution for the availability of vegetables and fruits on dry land in Labuan Bajo. []