THE CABLE car project to Mount Rinjani Tourism Park (TNGR) from the Karangsidmen Village area, Central Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara will start in December 2022.

“The groundbreaking for the construction of the Rinjani cable car began on December 17 in conjunction with the anniversary of the NTB Province,” said the Head of Central Lombok Bappeda, Lalu Wiratama in Praya, NTB, recently.

The construction of the cable car is known to have received an investment of IDR100 billion from Chinese investors.

Wiratama explained, the location of the cable car construction starts from the community forest area in Karangsidmen Village to the area at the foot of Mount Rinjani or not far from the TNGR area.

The reason is because in the TNGR area there should be no development, but the distance to the blue lake of Mount Rinjani is not too far. The length of the Rinjani cable car is about 10-15 kilometers.

He said the Central Lombok Regency Government supports the construction of the Rinjani cable car, because it will have an impact on the economic growth of the community.

The existence of this cable car will not interfere with the livelihood of the porters, because it has its own market. For tourists who are nature lovers, of course, they will choose to use a porter to climb to Mount Rinjani.

“The local government supports it, because the construction of the cable car will not damage the TNGR area. In addition, the cable car construction plan received a positive response from the village government in the construction site area,” he noted.

Wiratama explained thet the village government has also supported the construction of the Mount Rinjani cable car. There is no problem with the construction of the cable car in terms of permits, because the status of the forest area to be used has become a community park forest area.

In addition, an Environmental Impact Analysis (Amdal) process has been carried out and a feasibility study has been carried out, so that there are no problems in terms of licensing and other technical development permits are left to be completed as the development process progresses.

“Once it has started, then the other permit processes must be completed by the investors,” he said.

The existence of the cable car is expected to increase tourist visits in NTB and can be an option for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of TNGR. [antaranews/photo special]