THE INDONESIAN Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy firmly asks event organizers to be able to manage activities professionally, one of which pays attention to the carrying capacity aspect of an activity so as to ensure safety and comfort for tourists.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno recently said that we need to realize that after two years, there is an extraordinary desire from the community to take part in music festivals or activities, watch concerts, and many other activities that can invite crowds. This is because we have been facing a pandemic for two years.

“Therefore, this significant increase in audience visits must be anticipated by the event organizers. The first is about carrying capacity. Events that are of interest after the pandemic must be managed with a focus on carrying capacity, not only for safety but also to support hygiene, health, and environmental sustainability factors,” said Sandiaga.

Furthermore, event organizers must have an early warning system to be able to provide information on how many people are in one activity or event location so as to reduce the potential for crowds.

“Of course, next is the availability of First Aid in Accidents (P3K), a health team that must also be qualified. The satisfaction of these visitors will be a barometer because the organizers will be identified with the type of quality of the activity,” he said.

He explained, so it must refer to the principles or SOPs that have been provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, publications, and socialization that are more massive and structured.

“These promoters must be able to follow, do not let ‘aji while’ there are so many requests, sell more tickets. Finally, people give up, don’t let this happen because this is a momentum (economic revival) that we must really guard,” Sandiaga remarked.

He concluded that the Ministry through the Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizers would evaluate and provide socialization to event actors. To strictly comply with the carrying capacity and early warning system as well as the availability of evacuation routes. []