THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy appreciates the initiative of tourism and creative economy players in Bali together with Friends of the National Parekraf (TEPANAS) to present a coffee tour package (Coffee Tour) that offers tourists an interesting experience of enjoying coffee.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, when attending the launch event of “Kintamani Coffee Tourism” at Anomali Coffee Sanur, Bali, Sunday (01/01) 2023 said coffee tourism has great potential to be developed and replicated in other regions.

Through coffee tours, tourists are not only invited to enjoy Indonesian coffee, they will also be guided to learn more about coffee. Starting from coming to the coffee plantation, getting to know the types of coffee, how to process it, until it is served while interacting directly with coffee farmers.

“Coffee tourism has the potential to be developed. What emphasizes coffee tourism is the experience of getting to know more about coffee, then trying it and finally bringing the coffee home,” said Sandiaga.

For the initial stage, this coffee tour package will be presented in Kintamani and later developed to various coffee-producing regions in the country, especially in five super priority tourism destinations.

Minister Sandiaga is optimistic that the initiative to present this tour package will attract tourists because it offers a quality and sustainable tourism experience.

“With coffee tour packages, tourists, especially young people, will become more familiar with Indonesian coffee,” he remarked.

In this coffee tour, tourism business actors (travel agents) will work directly with local farmers so that it is hoped that this will have a positive impact on farmers, especially in increasing productivity.

“I hope ASITA can participate in encouraging restaurants as well as cafes and hotels to empower local farmers. Get coffee supplies from farmers, so that it will strengthen industry resilience,” Sandiaga stated.

With a higher tourist target in 2023 than last year, it is hoped that this tour package will enrich tourists’ choices when visiting Indonesia. []