AGODA’S ‘Travel Trend’ survey shows that reunions with friends and family are the top reason travelers decide to travel in 2023.

According to a press statement received in Jakarta, Friday (01/13) 2023, said tourists from countries such as Taiwan (33%), Australia (31%), Malaysia (21%) and India (21%) choose to plan their trips for a reunion with friends or family.

Apart from reunions, wellness or health in the form of mental and physical recharging ranks second as the reason they travel. Tourists from Thailand choose wellness as much as 29%, South Korea 25%, and Singapore 25%.

Meanwhile, Indonesian tourists themselves have other reasons why they will travel in 2023. Adventure reasons rank highest among Indonesian tourists (23%). Tourists from the Philippines also make adventure the highest reason they choose to travel this year with a figure of as much as 30%.

For Japanese (44%), Taiwanese (24%) and Vietnamese (23%), their greatest travel passion is to explore food, art and culture again. The percentage of Japanese tourists is the highest for travel destinations based on one country. This figure is four times that of the Philippines, where only 11% want to travel to explore food, arts and culture.

For your information, Agoda’s own ‘Travel Trend’ survey asks travelers to share what is the top goal of their trip in the new year. This survey was conducted July 8-16, 2022, in collaboration with YouGov. The survey has collected respondents aged 18 and over with a total of more than 10,000 tourists from various countries. [sources/photo special]