EVIDENTLY, Indonesia is still an attractive market for Holyland travel tour agents, Bethlehem, Israel, because it is considered the character of Indonesian tourists who like to shop when traveling abroad.

Collaborating with TTC Indonesia, The Three Arches 2 met with 74 travel agents to re-inform the current conditions of Holyland travel. Including the most hits souvenir shops and restaurants in Bethlehem that are under the auspices of The Three Arches 2.

According to Maikel N. Canawati, owner of The Three Arches 2, Friday (01/27), 2023, in Jakarta, said we are back to greet the Indonesian market and also introduce new destinations including shops, restaurants in locations that are ready to receive visits from Indonesian tourists.

“Indonesia is an important market for us. That’s why I’m here to see you. We invite back Holyland travel agents from Indonesia to shop at our stores and restaurants. We will provide a free dinner for travel agents who bring groups to our restaurant,” Maikel invited the travel agents.

Meanwhile, Joseph Budiawan, from JB Tour, stated that The Three Arches 2 is the most complete and affordable souvenir shop. Many souvenirs with spiritual themes and cosmetics are available here.

“For souvenir shopping, The Three Arches 2 is the most complete store in Israel. Various spiritual-themed souvenirs with various raw materials such as diamonds, precious metals, gold, silver, olive wood and others are available,” said Joseph.

He also added that every group he brought when visiting The Three Arches 2 was mostly shopping. Tourists brought by JB Tour spend an average of US$100-1000 per person there.

Apart from the Rosary, Star of David-shaped pendant souvenirs are also a favorite hunt for Holyland tourists from Indonesia. “The price range for souvenirs is US$3 like the Rosary to thousands of dollars for the Star of David. It depends on the type of gem attached to the Star of David souvenir,” he said.

Joseph also explained, one thing that makes Holyland tour participants loyal to return to The Three Arches 2 is the guarantee of product warranty if damaged.

“My client bought a Star of David pendant souvenir, one of the gemstones was loose and then lost. Then I brought it back to The Three Arches 2 store and they repaired it until it became new again, without any more fees,” said Josep while showing the client’s WhatsApp.

Likewise, Kidung Pascalis, Project Manager of TTC Indonesia stated, TTC began to feel the spirit of tourism reignited, this time TTC Indonesia again facilitated The Three Arches 2 to arrange a dinner gathering event with travel agents in Jakarta.

“Moreover, after a pandemic like this, the enthusiasm of Indonesian tourists to return to travel to Holyland is very much. So, it is very appropriate for The Three Arches 2 to return to Indonesia to meet and greet with travel agents,” he concluded. []