THE INDONESIA’S Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will make adjustments to the development strategy of the foreign tourist market and the overall tourism sector in anticipation of a potential global recession in 2023.

According to Tourism and Creative Economy Minister, Sandiaga Uno (01/30), 2023 said three countries, namely the United States, China, and European countries as the locomotive of the world economy have been mapped to face a recession so that their economies slow down. The threat of recession is expected to affect a number of countries that become Indonesia’s foreign tourist market.

He explained that the adjustment of focus will be directed to countries that have shown tremendous interest in Indonesia such as India, Australia, and New Zealand.

“The Ministry of Tourism will adjust the focus of the foreign tourist market to countries that are large markets, which currently show an extraordinary increase in the number of tourist visits to Indonesia, namely India, Australia and New Zealand, as well as Malaysia and Singapore which are still growing,” Sandiaga remarked.

In addition to the foreign tourist market, he emphasized that the domestic tourist market which has also been potential as the backbone of the tourism industry will continue to be addressed in terms of services.

Therefore, local tourism activities will continue to be empowered such as culinary tours, shopping tours, healing tours and tours in tourist villages that can grow the economy in the regions.

“Indonesia will still grow around 5%, of course we must focus on encouraging the movement of archipelago tourists to reach the target figure of 1.2 billion to 1.4 billion, we will really encourage the movement of archipelago tourists,” he noted.

Not only that, Sandiaga also said that he would focus on MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) business players in an effort to maintain employment and strengthen people’s purchasing power and encourage the improvement of the aviation industry.

“We will focus on MSME business players in an effort to maintain employment and strengthen people’s purchasing power including tourism and creative economy products because around 97 percent of jobs are created from MSMEs, while 70% of tourism and creative economy products business players are MSMEs,” Sandiaga said.

He also believes that Indonesia’s economic prospects remain bright along with an increase in performance after easing activities, although the threat of a 2023 recession is a concern for the Indonesian people.

“Meanwhile, the tourism and creative economy sector will create 1.1 million new jobs and become 4.4 million quality jobs by 2024, which will certainly strengthen the Indonesian economy,” Sandiaga concluded. [sources/photo special]