IN EARLY 2023, ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta in collaboration with RUANG MES 56 organized the first photography art exhibition ‘Unturned Stone, Unclimbed Mountain’ by four young artists: Akiq AW, Fajar Riyanto, M Alfariz and Yudha Kusuma Putera. The art exhibition will be open to the public from January 27 to February 28, 2023 at ARTSPACE, ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta.

Departing from the fast-moving growth of civilization, there are unique ideas from the four young artists who are members of the MES 56 collective. The practice of each work displayed is also diverse: one of which is reflected in each work that talks about personal things about the shape of the landscape. Another is the result of a story that remains as a memory that is expressed in the form of a photographic work.

The exploration of photographic techniques adopted is largely a desire to convey a certain message from the long journey contained in the medium of photography itself. Interestingly, there are also memories that emerge along with the stimuli experienced when talking about important things in the environment, to duplication that tries to get out of the tradition of photography with a variety of mediums that are not only limited to print or screen.

But for Akiq AW’s understanding the practice of photography is a challenge in his work practice as an artist, as he processes the production and consumption of his images. Like a painter with a sharp brush, Akiq tries to create a visual imagination of the landscape from basic photography techniques.

Like wise for Fajar Riyanto, the emphasis is on the practice of photography itself as a moment to record the social realities that occur in between: Why photograph the white wall of an iron fence? What about the image of a half-collapsed house? to what story is tucked between the wall of a citizen’s house and the wall of the palace fortress?

In contrast to these two, Yudha Kusuma Putra adopts a photography technique infused with subconscious imagination. Yudha skillfully builds relationships between human memories and interests in the form of fragments that are present in dreams. It is this process that Yudha uses to stimulate the world of the human subconscious.

And similarly for Muhammad Alfariz, choosing dreams as sketches in his work entitled “Tamasya Di Ujung Malam” There is a dominance of photography which is then tried to be filled with elements of surprise and unexpected objects and then applied in pieces of images or collages. The results are surreal forms that remind us of the personal and emotional dimensions of the subconscious.

Meanwhile Windi Salomo, ARTOTEL Group’s ART Director, added that I am very happy that in early 2023 we are presenting the first photography exhibition at ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta which gives a new color to Indonesian Fine Arts and of course in accordance with ARTOTEL Group’s mission to continue to support talented local artists in Indonesia through our art exhibitions.

Similarly, Rangga Purbaya, as the team from RUANG MES 56 said we would like to thank ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta for the collaboration opportunity given this time through a photography exhibition from the collective Ruang MES 56, Enjoy! []