THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy appreciates the organization of “Art Jakarta Gardens” as an appreciation space for art lovers, artists, and collectors both national and international in channeling fine art works.

When visiting “Art Jakarta Gardens” which took place in the Urban Forest by Plataran, Tuesday (02/07), 2023 evening, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno said, this event can also be a means of education for the community and contribute to increasing the potential of tourism and the creative economy as a sustainable business opportunity, especially in the fine arts ecosystem in Indonesia. So that it can encourage economic revival and create jobs. 

“I appreciate the team from Art Jakarta Gardens who made the exhibition in this park a signature, so that it not only provides space for the art community, but also young artists, sellers, and buyers,” Sandiaga said.

Art Jakarta Gardens takes place February 7-12, 2023. During the exhibition, visitors can explore a combination of indoor and outdoor presentations of fine art works by 20 artists from 22 leading galleries.

Art Jakarta Gardens will transform the beautiful tropical landscape of Hutan Kota by Plataran through the presence of sculptures, installations, and two-dimensional works created by leading artists. Blitar-born artist FX Harsono, who has gained international recognition, will be one of the highlights this year with his latest installation, “The Light of Journey”. FX Harsono’s work is also supported by Bibit.

Another highlight, the sculpture garden, will feature outdoor sculptures by artists such as Adi Gunawan, Ashley Bickerton, Gregorius Papadimitriou, Nyoman Nuarta, Richard Winkler, and Yim Yen Sum.

Meanwhile, the indoor exhibition area will consist of two tents dedicated to 22 galleries such as STEM Project (Yogyakarta), Facade Kiniko Art (Jakarta), CGartspace (Jakarta), ROH (Jakarta), and RUCI Art Space (Jakarta). Art Jakarta Gardens will also present a program that includes a ceramics class by Kandura Studio (Bandung), with a special session for children, a fragrant class by Of Animo, and a lyric writing class by Sofar Sounds.

Music will add to the excitement through a special performance by Sofar Sounds, supported by Djarum Bakti Budaya. Sofar Sounds is a platform that re-imagines live events through curated secret performances, to be performed in warm settings, and has been held in more than 350 cities around the world. A special performance will be presented by Sofar Sounds and will only be announced at Art Jakarta Gardens.

“The event, which is being held for the second time, is also an effective promotional tool for the country’s tourism sector and creative economy. Many visitors come from various regions, making Indonesia an attractive destination for art lovers,” he said.

The contribution of art, he continued, is 20 to 30% of the total creative economy contribution of 7.4% to the national GDP. Therefore, I appreciate this activity, especially when I hear that there are additional collectors and new artists presented at this event. []