MANY cultural heritages have currently become the focus and inspiration for the development of community- and local wisdom-based businesses, according to an official from the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry.

Hence, local governments have a big role in preserving cultural heritages to strengthen the contribution of cultural potentials in improving people’s welfare, the director for protection of culture at the ministry’s Directorate General of Culture Judi Wahyudin said.

“(The conservation of) cultural heritage is not only for education purposes, but also to bolster the contribution of culture to increase people’s prosperity,” he added at a national seminar here on Friday.

The seminar on “Synergy for the Stipulation and Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Realizing Sustainable, Independent, and Prosperous Cultural Development” was held by the ministry to optimize the preservation of cultural heritages.

In addition, the implementation of the seminar aimed to devise strategies to support the stipulation and preservation of cultural heritages by local governments and related stakeholders, Wahyudin said.

Director general of culture at the ministry Hilmar Farid said that the preservation of a cultural heritage begins with the assigning of cultural heritage status to a local cultural asset by the district head or mayor. This also requires special attention from the Home Affairs Ministry.

Meanwhile, the protection, development, and utilization of a cultural heritage needs collaboration with the Public Works and Public Housing Ministry, the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry, as well as other stakeholders in the cultural sector, he informed.

Farid said he expected that good coordination will be established among the stakeholders through the national seminar to optimize the preservation of cultural heritages.

“We hope that there will be a common perception and joint commitment on the conservation of cultural heritage, which is a shared responsibility because cultural heritage is a cultural entity that does not only serve as an identity (of a region or community), but also (bolsters) cultural resilience and diplomacy,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]