THE INDONESIAN Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy hopes that the creative economy industry, especially the fashion subsector, can become a host in its own country.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno when giving a speech at the ‘IFW 2023 Opening Ceremony’, which took place at the Jakarta Convention Center, Wednesday (02/22), 2023 said that the creative economy has been proven to advance the economy and be able to survive the pandemic. This can be seen from the fashion subsector which is still the mainstay of Indonesia’s creative economy exports with a contribution value of 61.5%.

“Therefore, we must be the host in our own country. Many of our fashion brands must be promoted more. Therefore, this Indonesia Fashion Week must really encourage the revival of our economy with the 3G principles of ‘gercep’ ormoving fast, ‘geber’ or moving together, and ‘gaspol’ or exploring all online potential. So that Indonesia will be more prosperous,” Sandiaga said.

Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2023, supported by Tourism abd Creative Economy Ministry, is one of the largest annual fashion events in Indonesia which has entered its 10th year.  With the theme ‘Sagara from the East’, IFW seeks to present a new wave of creativity in the fashion world by highlighting the culture, wastra, and tourism of Gorontalo Province.

IFW 2023, which was held hybridly at the Jakarta Convention Center, from February 22-26, 2023, featured 400 exhibitors filled with various trunk shows, talk shows and also culinary, and presented 250 fashion designers from all over Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the President of Indonesia Fashion Week, Poppy Dharsono, said that Indonesia Fashion Week 2023 was carried out with great enthusiasm and passion to re-energize the creative industry Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as before. Which is based on the noble value of the Indonesian nation, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.

Therefore, Poppy is very proud that for a decade Indonesia Fashion Week has been trusted to be a media or platform that can showcase the diversity and uniqueness of Indonesia’s culture through wastra works.

This year, Gorontalo was chosen as the theme for IFW 2023. Gorontalo’s signature woven fabric, ‘Karawo’, was displayed at the opening of IFW, after going through an incubator process for Karawo textile MSMEs. The incubator is believed by Poppy to be able to improve design, production quality, branding, and increase the product market from the incubator results.

“Hopefully the creative industry, especially Gorontalo, can be widely recognized by the public and even internationally,” Poppy concluded. []