THE INDONESIAN  government would make it easier to permit all activities in the creative economy sector such as music, films, cultural arts, to sports. In accordance with the closed meeting that the President gave permission to facilitate all activities such as concerts, sports activities, arts and culture, music, and other creative economic activities.

According to Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno during the “Weekly Brief” which was attended virtually in Jakarta, Monday (02/ 27), 2023 said President Joko Widodo wants digitization to be integrated into all permits. Therefore, a standardized and digitalized event licensing process will facilitate more than 30,000 medium-large scale events that have the potential to create an economic movement of around IDR170 trillion.

“The government is targeting that permits can be obtained by organizers of major international events at least six months before the event for principle permits and three months in advance for technical permits. While the permit is final, no later than 45 days before the event,” he said.

Sandiaga explained that and of course this will later be under the command of the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, we will integrate all permits from both the central and regional government levels and across ministries/institutions including also from the National Police.

“The government wants to create a conducive and inclusive licensing system so that event organizers, especially international scale events, can have licensing certainty starting with principle permits. With regard to final permits, according to Sandiaga, the policy of issuing final permits 45 days before the event is a meeting point resulting from various inputs from various event organizers,” he stated.

“He added that forty-five days are needed because after obtaining permit certainty, they have to sell tickets. So the possible time is based on input from the organizers of the event. Some are just two weeks, some are asking for one month, some are asking for three months. But it seems that the 45 days that were also delivered as a meeting point.

“Even so, the licensing process policy still needed improvement and the government would first hold a pilot project. However, we want this to be launched quickly for certainty because every time there is an event, this moves the regional economy,” Sandiaga concluded. []