ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta once again organized a joint art exhibition ‘ABSRACT IS THE NEW REALISM’ by three contemporary artists: Donald Saluling, Sandy Tisa and Fauzi Satyaputra. The art exhibition will be open to the public from March 3 to May 7, 2023 at ARTSPACE, ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta.

According to Windi Salomo, ARTOTEL Group’s ART Director, during the press conference on Friday (03/03) 2023, said the exhibition features a variety of artworks with abstract concepts. We are very pleased to be able to present another contemporary art exhibition, this time with an abstract theme. Abstract itself is not too easy to understand because in the process itself it is interpreted as a form of sensation or figurative form of an object.

“In this joint exhibition, many works are adopted from a relationship based on imagination or forms that have been seen, heard and experienced. The criteria used must come from the artist’s own side, not imitating, or duplicating the natural world,” said Windi.

She explained that Donald Saluling, a graduate of Fine Arts and Graphic Design at Portland University in Portland, United States, explores negative space in a non-representational way that has a big role. Through more than 10 years of understanding, Donald spontaneously carried out a creative process that was poured through the four works displayed in this exhibition. The process of drawing on location made him learn to see, connect and record better to tell stories.

“As for Fauzi Satyaputra’s understanding, through his love for art and music. Fauzi comes up with his painting style that is inspired through his point of view of what is in his brain. The man who has traveled the world in exhibiting his work in foreign countries, combines abstract and surreal styles. Abstract itself represents the connection of what is inside the brain. While surreal appears as a symbol to help Fauzi convey a message to the audience,” she remarked.

Unlike the two, she continued, Sandy Tisa’s understanding of abstract art is drawn from one’s personal realm into the idea of her work. For Sandy, of course, this is commonplace through the reality that occurs in his daily life reality that occurs in his daily life.

“Through his work this time, Sandy is not really position herself in pure abstract art, but he expresses it through the composition of colors, lines, shapes, textures that are presented as himself (non-representational/non-object) to events taken from a number of moments expressed through visible forms,” Windi concluded. []