DESIGNER Temma Prasetio will introduce tenun from East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) at the Dubai Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 event on March 11, 2023. Entitled ‘INHERITANCE’, Temma seeks to marry elements of NTT’s cultural heritage in a collection of menswear that is modern, simple and relaxed.

Temma Prasetio combined NTT weaving with various materials such as cotton twill, wool, chiffon, and organza to achieve a modern and unique impression. The combination succeeded in making the INHERITANCE collection highlight a simple character, but also bold, playful, and attached to a cultural touch.

The NTT woven fabric and other fabrics were supported by LeViCo Boutique and Pronto Moda. The INHERITANCE collection consists of jackets, oversized coats, boxy tops, loose fit and baggy pants, and Brodo shoes to complete the collection.

Weaving has become Temma Prasetio’s design signature in recent years. He learned the process of making NTT’s weavings firsthand and mentored a number of young designers from NTT in a joint program with the Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) of NTT.

After her designs are regularly showcased on domestic fashion stages such as Jakarta Fashion Week and Indonesia Fashion Week, Temma will continue her mission to introduce NTT weaving and campaign for Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage on the international stage.

“Dubai Fashion Week 2023 will be my first international show. Of course, introducing NTT weaving to the Middle East and international markets is a key mission. I want the world to recognize the richness of the archipelago’s fabrics that are made with dedication and love. To create versatile and unique designs, I combine NTT tenun with elements of the latest trends because I want to marry modernity and heritage,” said Temma Prasetio.

“Collaborating with MEN/O/LOGY, I have the same goal, which is how to make men become more caring, confident and comfortable being themselves. That is in line with MEN/O/LOGY’s hope, where men should be confident to express themselves, without leaving their maleness,” he finished.

The similarity of mission was specifically poured into a special design that contains a fusion of MEN/O/LOGY and Temma Prasetio’s brand identity. The highlight of the INHERITANCE collection will be the closing look of Temma Prasetio’s runaway at Dubai Fashion Week 2023. [sources/photo special]