INDONESIA Creative Economy Festival (ICREFS) 2023 is a trigger as well as an encouragement in encouraging the creative economy as the future economic driver of Indonesia towards the Golden Indonesia 2045.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in Closing ICREFS 2023, at FX Sudirman, Jakarta recently said this was supported by the demographic bonus which we hope will become the locomotive for 70 percent of our future. And this is in young people who work in the creative economy.

“ICREFS 2023 as the first national standard creative economy festival in Indonesia which has been completed by Gekrafs (National Creative Economy Movement) on March 3 to 5, 2023 in Jakarta, shows a strong commitment from the ecraf industry players, especially the younger generation in efforts to develop the economy through the creative economy,” he said.

Sandiaga explained that the creative industry has become an important element that contributes to building the Indonesian economy. It is noted that Indonesia’s creative economy is ranked third in the world with an added value of IDR1,300 trillion, after America with the Hollywood film industry and South Korea with the K-Pop music industry.

“So, if you all create works from more than 17 subsectors, it is not impossible that in five years we will overtake South Korea to become number two and in 2045 we will become number one as the world’s largest creative economy,” he stated.

He added that the creative economy has the concept of community empowerment. So, the more people involved, the greater the impact on the creation of new and quality jobs. Moreover, this creative economy comes from creativity resources that have no limits. Every community can produce ideas, or ideas that are out of the box.

“Therefore, I am very confident that with our ability to innovate, adapt, and collaborate, continue to establish networking, and we are enthusiastic about working 4as, hard work, smart work, thorough work, and sincere work, we will be able to realize Golden Indonesia. Because the creative economy is the future of Indonesia. Let’s look forward with hope,” Sandiaga concluded.

Meanwhile, Chairman of DPP Gekrafs, Kawendra Lukistian, added that the key to the success of the creative economy is collaboration and optimism or belief.

“We must believe that the creative economy is the future of Indonesia. We must not only be sure but also be optimistic. Because optimism is an attitude of half-perfection of the struggle. So, I believe success comes from optimism and collaboration,” Kawendra said. []