THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy appreciates Semarang City, Central Java, which has set the fashion subsector as a flagship to revive the economy in the ‘Atlas City’.

According to Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno during the Kelana Nusantara activity in Semarang City on Thursday (03/16), he appreciated the Semarang City Government for consistently striving to develop the parekraf sector through pentahelix collaboration, by continuing to present activities that can attract tourists to visit.

“Semarang City istiqomah to continue to develop the creative economy and Semarang City has participated in the Petik Test with fashion that is favored. Semarang City has participated in the Indonesian Creative Regency / City Self-Assessment (PMK3I) activity with fashion as a leading creative economy subsector,” he said.

In 2021, Semarang City was designated as an Indonesian Creative City by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as a form of appreciation for Semarang City’s commitment to concretely develop the creative economy as a regional leading sector.

In the near future, Semarang City will host the 2023 Indonesian Creative Regency/City Network (JejaKK) event which is the culmination of the Creative Regency/City Development program.

“Semarang has tremendous potential and fashion was chosen because it involves many creative economy actors and contributes 18% of GDP in the creative economy sector. There is already a regional regulation too, this is an asset to produce a breakthrough so that one day it can be recognized by UNESCO,” Sandiaga concluded. []