TRAVELERS from Europe who stayed at the Java Lotus Hotel Jember in the first quarter of 2023, increased significantly. Management driving trends increase the comfort of staying for customers from various markets who are starting to explore the country of “cigars” and the supply of fresh fish on the north coast of Java Island at the fish auction in Puger port.

According to Jeffrey Wibisono, General Manager said, the prediction of an increase in international market visits is even more promising with the holding of a number of events that determine the target audience for the international market. As is known, Jember is also synonymous with the Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) event, in 2023, with the theme Timelapse on August 4-6. The carnival was enlivened by delegations of participants from 33 countries, involving domestic and foreign photographers.

“Facing the increasing demand for the European market and shifting behavior of the global tourism market, intelligence is needed to capture added value without being uprooted from the Jember “pendalungan” tradition. The culinary team at the Java Lotus artisan hotel in Jember developed an international classic food product, Road to JFC, with a “new” menu, Classic Fish and Chips” Jeffrey said.

He explained that the trade mark for processed Pawon, the kitchen of Java Lotus Hotel has a spicy, salty, savory taste that is commonly consumed by Jember residents. Even richer in variety with the presence of the Classic Fish and Chips menu. A popular “must eat” snack for Westerners which is synonymous with the presence of Fried Bananas in the daily life of Indonesian people. Preparations made from Dori fish, flour for batter and spices are available in the local market.

“Don’t forget that Jember has a port and a place to auction fresh Puger fish with shrimp paste Jember as souvenirs. Cultivation of vegetables – including potatoes – originates from the local area and neighboring regencies such as Malang, Bondowoso. Everything is in the nearest local market,” he added.

Why Classic Fish & Chips?
This fish and chips preparation has a unique history. Created in the 1860s, it has never gone extinct and is timeless, amidst the lively offerings of processed fish menus. Fish and chips are one of the “comfort foods” popular with many people. They taste very light, not heavy, but are filling because they are complemented by french fries.

Soft boneless Dori fish meat, covered with classic Western seasoned flour concocted by Arif, Chef de Cuisine Java Lotus Hotel, makes it more delicious to eat while “warm” in any weather.

The plating on the plate includes French fries, fresh salad and three kinds of sauce, namely Tartar. For connoisseurs with green passports – the tongue has a spicy “chili” flavor, there are Tomato Sauce and Sambal Sauce.

Want to try a plate with the typical Java Lotus uleg sauce. Drink it? There is Virgin Sangria, a Spanish-style summer drink, which can be ordered per pitcher and served cold.

So, when are you planning to stay in Jember? Dining at KOE Restaurant and Sky Lounge on the Rooftop are open to the public. Stop by and become a connoisseur of Fish & Chips made in Jember with international standards. []