FOR the second time, ARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur Jakarta is again presenting a special art exhibition to guests which adds new color and inspiration through the touch of the work of the famous local artist, Bill Mohdor solo exhibition entitled ‘Silence of The Renaissance’ from Thursday, 14 September 2023 to 8 October 2023 located at ARTSPACE.

According to Djulkarnain, Hotel General Manager during the opening of the exhibition press conference, on Thursday (9/14), 2023 at ARTSPACE, said that we are very committed to ensuring that guests of ARTOTEL Suites Mangkuluhur Jakarta experience an unforgettable experience.

“All of this can encourage innovation and new exploration in the field of art, so that Indonesian fine art can continue to develop and keep up with the times. With the presence of ARTSPACE and the special collaboration with Bill Mohdor, we hope to provide inspiration through this work of art,” he said.

Meanwhile Windi Solomon, ART Director of ARTOTELGroup, said this solo exhibition of Bill Mohdor, who is not only active as an artist but is also an art influencer, has his own characteristics in art, namely exploratory.

“Where he has reached the stage of deconstructing his objects wildly and often these objects look abstract with random strokes of color and only reveal the essential parts. In the ‘Silence of the Renaissance’ art exhibition this time, Bill Mohdor presented 13 works of art,” said Windi.

However, when asked the reason for the theme chosen this time, Bill Mohdor immediately answered the word renaissance means rebirth in French. The renaissance art was very different from the medieval art since the renaissance art brought back the human interest of art.

“In ‘Silence of The Renaissance’ in captivating journey through a collection of paintings inspired by a timeless classical Renaissance sculptures. This exhibition is not only about the artworks placed before our eyes but also conveys a deep message about the true meaning of arts,” he remarked.

Bill Mohdor also explained that I brought you from the contemporary art experimentation to embrace the classical beauty and the profound artistic dedication of the past. This exhibition is a reverberation of thought – a call to fathom the true meaning of art, a message unheard the noise of the modern arts boundless freedom.

Artist and art influencer Bill Mohdor also appreciated ARTSPACE at ARTOTEL Suites Mangkulur Jakarta. Hopefully this venue can become a place where artists, galleries and collectors can unite to advance Indonesian fine art. According to him, this is a place that is really needed, because it has its own market. Of course, with this event, solo art exhibitions in Indonesia can be better known to many people. The art exhibition ‘Silence of the Renaissance’ by Bill Mohdor is open to all art lovers.

Bill Muhdor also revealed that the quality and value of the artwork displayed here is beyond doubt. The reason is, the work was brought by a well-known Indonesian art gallery and well curated by the curator.

There is no need to consider whether the work displayed here is good or not. Because you just have to enjoy it. Indeed, if you look at the prices offered, they range from IDR10 million, IDR30 million to IDR60 million. So you don’t have to see which work is good. Because in the end it is appropriate to be displayed at ARTSPACE ARTOTEL Suites Mangkulur Jakarta. []