THE IMPACT of the fire that occurred in the Mount Bromo forest area, East Java, had a major impact on the sustainability of the tourism industry and creative economy in the area.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, said the impact of the fire was not only environmental but also tourism. We really love what happened in Bromo, we are very concerned, because the impact is very big. Hotels in Bromo now have occupancy rates below 50% due to (the impact of) forest fires.

“Due to this incident, I encourage a comprehensive study regarding CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety and environmental sustainability) aspects in all national parks as well as other nature-based tourist destinations. “Studies are being carried out so that safety aspects that focus on quality and sustainable tourism can run well,” said Sandiaga.

Forest and land fires occurred in the Mount Bromo tourist area, precisely in the Teletubbies Hill area. The fire is thought to have come from flares lit by visitors while they were having a pre-wedding photo session, on Wednesday (6/9).

As a result, the fire spread and is estimated to have reached 500 hectares. Currently the police have carried out an investigation and have named one suspect. In this regard, the Ministry of Tourism fully supports the law enforcement efforts of the police.

“The law has been processed and there is learning and coaching. If there is repetition, there must be a deterrent effect. So, the law must be able to provide a sense of justice because many people affected have lost employment and income due to the actions and carelessness of the perpetrator,” concluded Sandiaga. []