INDONESIAN rock music group God Bless will hold a concert which will be the peak moment of a series of celebrations for the golden age of work in the country’s music industry, with the theme “God Bless 50 Years of Gold Concert with Tohpati Orchestra” at Istora Senayan, Jakarta on November 10 2023.

In this concert, as reported in a press release, Saturday (10/28), 2023, they will combine the strong rock music characteristics of God Bless with the splendor of orchestral accompaniment directed by musician Tohpati.

Apart from that, a number of top Indonesian musicians are also confirmed to appear, namely Padi Reborn as the opening act, then collaborators such as rock divas Anggun and Nicky Astria, Kaka Slank, Kotak Band, and guitarist Eet Sjahranie.

God Bless, whose members are Achmad Albar (vocals), Ian Antono (guitar), Donny Fattah (bass), Abadi Soesman (keyboards), and Fajar Satritama (drums) admits that they can’t wait and are enthusiastic to be able to present their best performance at the peak of their golden age 50 years of music.

“Ahead of this concert, we felt like we were feeling the same adrenaline rush again when 50 years ago, God Bless performed for the first time in a concert at Taman Ismail Marzuki, on May 5 1973,” said Achmad Albar.

“Now to coincide with Heroes’ Day, November 10 2023, we again want to make the momentum of 50 years of God Bless a special offering to all rock music lovers in the country,” added the man who is familiarly called Iyek.

In line with his colleagues, Ian Antono felt high levels of euphoria due to the support of a number of top Indonesian musicians and rockers who would collaborate at the 50 Years of God Bless Gold Concert.

He said the team had done a lot of preparation and maturation of the concept to maximize the action with collaborators and orchestral accompaniment from Tohpati.

“In terms of the musicality of this concert, we hope it can become an anthology and reflect the journey of God Bless over 50 years in the Indonesian music industry,” he said.

Not only elements of musicality, the concert will be formulated using stage settings, visuals and lighting to provide an unforgettable experience for the audience.

The tickets for “God Bless 50 Years of Gold Concert with Tohpati Orchestra” are divided into four categories, namely: Platinum at a price of IDR2,500,000, then Gold at IDR1,250,000, Silver at a price of IDR750,000 and Festival at IDR500,000. Online ticket purchases can be made via the page. [antaranews]