STATE-owned airline, PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk. predicts an increase in the number of passengers of at least around 30% during the Christmas and New Year 2024 holidays.

According to the President Director of Garuda Indonesia, Irfan Setiaputra, said that Garuda Indonesia saw an increase in demand during the 2024 Christmas and New Year 2024 holidays transportation period. In line with this, Garuda Indonesia projects passenger growth of up to 30% during the 2024 Christmas and New Year 2024 holidays transportation period.

“Usually, it will increase by 20% -30% compared to the previous Christmas. Meanwhile, in line with this potential growth, Garuda Indonesia has also prepared additional flight frequencies to several destinations. However, I am not specified in detail which routes will have increased flight frequencies,” said Irfan on Monday (11/13), 2023.

Irfan explained that the increase in flight frequency would take into account the level of demand on each route. The additional amount is not yet final, we will inform you later. However, of course this (additional flights) will be in accordance with demand.

If you look at data from last year, Garuda Indonesia is preparing at least 1.3 million flight seats during the peak season period for Christmas and New Year 2022-2023. The flight capacity optimization consists of 503,407 flight seats for domestic routes and 116,267 flight seats for international routes served by Garuda Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Garuda Indonesia’s subsidiary, Citilink, is preparing at least 684,682 flight seats for domestic routes and 34,560 flight seats for international routes.

The availability of flight seats during the Christmas peak season period was also supported by steps to increase frequencies and the operation of large-body aircraft carried out by the Garuda Indonesia Group (Garuda Indonesia and Citilink) on a number of flight routes that have high potential for passenger growth. [sources/photo special]