BUMI Cenderawasih or Cenderawasih Earth never ceases to amaze tourists. Apart from culture, Papua also has a number of mainstay tourism potentials to continue to attract the hearts of tourists visiting Papua.

From mountains to beaches, this province at the eastern tip of Indonesia has impressive potential. One of the natural tourist destinations in Papua Province that is worth considering is Kali Biru Genyem, or Genyem Blue River. This destination is in the Berab area, Nimbokrang, Jayapura Regency, Papua.

Kali Biru (blue river) is a natural pool with clear blue water and a beautiful natural atmosphere. Recently, this tourist attraction has become popular among nature lovers. This is proven by the many photos of Kali Biru uploaded on social media.

Even though there are many similar locations in Indonesia, Kali Biru in Papua has its own uniqueness that tourists cannot find in other locations. One of them is the opportunity to see first hand a native and rare bird typical of Papua, namely the Cenderawasih bird.

The Enchantment of Genyem Blue River
As the name suggests, Kali Biru Genyem is a river that has clear turquoise water. In the local language Kali Biru is called Warabiae.

This river forms a natural pool that tourists can use for swimming or just playing in the water. It has very clean water, allowing tourists to swim as much as they like at the Kali Biru Genyem location. However, visitors need to be careful when swimming, considering that Kali Biru Genyem has a depth of up to 5-meters.

Daytime is the ideal time to visit Kali Biru Genyem. The reason is, during the day the water of Kali Biru Genyem can reflect sunlight so that it looks even more sparkling. Not only swimming, tourists can also do various other activities. Starting from enjoying the amazing panorama from the pool, to taking selfies with the pristine natural backdrop of Papua.

Located at the foot of the mountain, the air around Kali Biru Genyem feels refreshingly cool. The combination of charming river views with cool air makes Kali Biru Genyem suitable as a refreshing choice in the midst of a busy routine.

Another interesting fact about Kali Biru Genyem is that this tourist destination is actually located in a protected forest area. The Kali Biru Genyem area is a habitat and breeding area for rare bird’s native to Papua. One of the birds in this area is the bird of paradise. If they are lucky, tourists can observe rare animals that are active in this protected forest area.

Apart from natural tourism, tourists can also see original culture at Kali Biru Genyem. Because this tourist destination is right in the Kampung Berab Genyem area. In order to enjoy local culture more deeply, tourists can rent accommodation in a number of local houses, or take part in the available tour packages.

Apart from visiting Kali Biru, in Berab Genyem Village, tourists can also go on educational tours, namely by learning to weave noken directly from the local community.

Towards Genyem Blue River
Even though it is still in the Jayapura Regency area, it takes around two hours to get to Kali Biru Genyem. This tourist destination is 65 km from Sentani Airport.

However, tourists will definitely not get bored while traveling to this tourist destination. The reason is, throughout the journey tourists will be treated to a typical natural panorama of Papua. The road passes through hills and mountains making the scenery look even more beautiful.

Accessibility to this tourist destination is quite easy to reach using two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. Upon arrival at Kali Biru Genyem, the 2-hour journey will be fully paid off by its beauty and beauty. So how? Interested in visiting Kali Biru Genyem in Jayapura, Papua? []