ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta presented a solo exhibition in early 2024 in collaboration with Kiniko Art Management entitled ‘Endorphins in Full Blooms’ by Ida Bagus Udayana or familiarly called Dapott. In this art activity, all loyal hotel customers will be treated to more than 8 of the best works of art artists based in Yogyakarta and Bali.

According to Dapott in the Press Conference, Friday (02/02), 2024 in ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta said the canopy “Endorphins in Full Blooms”, I deliberately chose, because the word endophine itself has the meaning of how the hormone works in the body to produce a relief pain when pain and not only that this hormone is also responsible for the feeling of happy and happy someone after doing certain activities.

“Well, in this exhibition, I interpret my work from humans and their environment, one of which is the busyness and gasty of the individual nature of a person in the world that is increasingly fast and completely instant. For Dapott, it takes a moment from the hustle and bustle, it is very necessary to see and realize the happiness of the simple things behind the busyness,” he said.

In this break, he continued, it was also important to face the next round how to depend on this era, especially on technological advances, consumerism, this is drawn in the visualization of my works as a form of criticism in the phenomenon of urban life.

Many things are reflected by Dapott through small children figures with a variety of accidents such as thick eyes, narrow lips, to the color of the skin that indeed represents human forms without limited racial and regional differences. It also reflects on how the world is moving quickly to a warm issue of global talks like one of his works entitled ‘The Big Village’.

This artist who explores a lot in Yogyakarta and Bali has been exhibited in various cities in Indonesia and the international arena. In addition, Dapott is exclusively in collaboration with big brands such as: Beer, Kahf and musicians such as Rollfast and Agung Mango. But for this single exhibition is the first time, deliberately preparing some of his large-sized paintings for 3 months. “And of course, I hope this contemporary art exhibition can give Indonesian art color,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, according to Windi Solomo, Art Director of ARTOTELGroup, said that indeed in Artspace Artotelgroup, this always dismisters quality and quality works of art. Its beauty can be felt and enjoyed. Likewise, our commitment to provide services, to always make sure it can bring valuable experience for all hotel guests to feel the sensation of quality and quality experiences through artspace.

“What we offer, is also merely to encourage creativity, innovation and new exploration in the arts, so that the works of art in Indonesia can always get the best place in their own country and foreign countries, especially appointing young artists of talented contemporary art,” said Windi Solomo.

She concluded that even we had the desire of the connoisseurs of young-minded painting arts could be more and more to collect contemporary artwork in different ways but still could give messages in each of the works of these artists. []