HEAD of the Nusantara Capital Authority (IKN) Bambang Susantono said that the construction of the state palace and Nusantara hotel was progressing well according to target and was ready to be used at the independence ceremony at IKN on August 17 2024 with President Joko Widodo.

“In front of the palace, a ceremonial field has been installed as a place for ceremonies. God willing, almost all of the government offices will be finished and will be visible in August,” he said via the YouTube channel in Samarinda, Sunday (02/11), 2024.

Bambang continued that later an expo point will also be installed featuring several buildings depicting IKN’s vision in 2045. He hopes that visitors can see and feel how IKN will become a world city for all.

“There will be small houses, there will be robotics, it will be really futuristic. We want visitors to be able to see and feel how IKN will become a world city for all,” he explained.

Bambang said that his party continues to socialize and disseminate positive information about the development of IKN as a smart, inclusive and sustainable city.

“Until now, we also cannot hide from the fact that there are still apathetic people who still doubt IKN. Therefore, we want social media and mass media to be able to provide information to the public about the real facts and data in the field,” said Bambang.

Bambang explained that during the political year, the IKN Authority had carried out several outreach activities, such as the Nusantara Fair in Jakarta, Nusantara Goes to Campus, and road shows to various regions.

He emphasized that the IKN Authority is working professionally to realize the mandate of the Law which mandates the development of IKN as a green, smart, inclusive, resilient and sustainable city.

According to him, based on Law Number 21 of 2023 concerning Amendments to Law Number 3 of 2022 concerning the Establishment of the National Capital, the land area of the capital of the archipelago is 252,600 hectares and the sea area is 69,769 hectares.

“Of the land area, only around 22% or 56,159 hectares will become the Nusantara Capital Core Area, which includes government, business, education and cultural centers,” Bambang noted.

Then, he added, around 78% or 196,500 hectares, will become the development area for the Indonesian capital, which includes industrial, agricultural, plantation and conservation areas.

Bambang also explained that the development of the Indonesian capital carries the concept of smart and forest city, namely a smart city that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and technology-based.

This concept is intended to answer the challenges and problems that the Indonesian capital will face in the future, as well as to support the needs of the community which continues to develop.

“We hope that IKN can become a symbol of the pride and identity of the Indonesian nation, which is advanced, civilized and competitive on the global stage,” concluded Bambang. [antaranews/photo special]