THE travel ticket purchasing platform has contributed to the achievement of the tourism industry in Indonesia which is increasingly improving in line with the national economic recovery after COVID-19, through promoted programs, thus showing a positive trend in’s business performance.

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency, the number of foreign tourist visits to Indonesia reached a record 11.6 million or recorded a significant spike since the pandemic in 2023.

“The revival of the tourism industry will be even stronger in 2024. We see positive growth in the tourism sector throughout 2023. The strong recovery in tourism can also be seen in’s business performance, which continues to record an increase in orders for all its products,” said Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer Gaery Undarsa during a press conference in Jakarta, recently.

Gaery explained that in the February-July 2023 period there would be an increase in orders for plane tickets by 22%, accommodation by 36%, and tourist attractions by 22%. This certainly provides encouragement for to continue to support the government’s efforts to spur the development of the national tourism industry.

Through various stimuli, is committed to making people’s travel easier by offering more affordable prices and better services.

“This is an encouragement for to continue to support the government’s efforts to encourage the development of the national tourism industry, by providing stimulus to help people make their travel easier, more comfortable and cheaper,” he said.

Meanwhile, is currently presenting Online Tiket Week (OTW) again by selling tickets and accommodation at more affordable prices for people who want to travel. People can enjoy discounts of up to 50% and cashback of up to IDR1.1 million every 17:00-21:00 WIB for all travel needs, from 26 February-6 March 2024. [sources/photo special]