INDONESIAN Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno met Singaporean officials to explore collaboration potentials in presenting world-class music concerts and other international events in Indonesia.

According to the statement received here on Sunday (03/10), 2024 the minister stated that he had met Singaporean Minister of Sustainability and the Environment and Minister-in-Charge of Trade Relations, Grace Fu Hai Yien.

Sandiaga remarked that collaboration on the matter is pursued since international concerts and events have huge economic potential, as shown by Singapore recently.

“The recent Taylor Swift concert in Singapore boosted the country’s economy since the concertgoers spent their money five times more than ordinary tourists in Singapore,” he highlighted.

The minister also revealed that the Indonesian government is preparing the Indonesia Tourism Fund to provide funding and incentives for tourism and creative economy actors in Indonesia.

“Our strategy is to provide a special incentive for promotors or event organizers who organize international-level attractions in Indonesia,” he noted.

He remarked that the incentive is not limited to music concerts, as it will also be available to hold cultural or sports events.

Apart from incentives, Uno stated that his side will collaborate with government ministries and agencies in supporting infrastructure development, permit digitization, and the development of human resources relevant to the matter.

He affirmed that efforts to eradicate ticket scalpers will be optimized to improve Indonesia’s standing among Southeast Asian countries to present international events.

“We believe that with a one-stop permit system or permit digitization, promotors will not experience any difficulties and spend less money while applying for the permit. This mechanism will also cut the lengthy process and make it more transparent,” the minister explained.

He emphasized that in terms of the quality aspect, Indonesian musicians are at par with international musicians. Moreover, with a diverse number of music concerts taking place every year, local musicians will have several platforms to perform their music. [antaranews/photo special]