TOURISM observer Sari Lenggogeni predicts that long-distance tourist trips by land or road trip tourism will become the most popular tourism activity trend among people during the Eid 2024 holiday period.

“Well, the trend is still the same, at least it has changed a little, from the post-COVID-19 year. First, road trip tourism or land travel, yes. It’s just that we in Indonesia still have a different character from other countries, such as Australia which has caravans and all kinds,” said Sari recently.

According to Sari, land route travel is now becoming easier with the opening of a number of new toll roads connecting regions in Indonesia. Apart from that, the trend of tourist activities that are busy during the 2024 Eid holiday is culinary tourism which is driven by culinary diversity in Indonesia.

“Culinary is always the second biggest preference, especially since Indonesia is very rich in its specialties, yes, they are definitely sought after. That’s why the supply chain will usually develop from restaurants, cafes, all kinds,” she said.

Sari also said that recreational activities that blend with nature are also one of the travel preferences made by tourists during the Eid 2024 holiday period. The Eid holiday is always a moment that people use to reunite with family and relatives in their hometown.

Sari also projects that hotel occupancy rates during this year’s Eid holiday will reach more than 70% especially in areas where the migrant community originates. For example, East Java is a fairly high destination city, then also cities in Central Java will be part of the impact of quite high hotel occupancy. West Sumatra above 70-80% could see an increase.

According to her, the growth in the number of hotels can be an indicator of the level of tourist or homecoming visits to an area. If (hotels) have developed a lot, it certainly indicates that they have become a place for many migrants to return home.

Sari explained that the peak holiday season with the highest tourist visits in Indonesia generally occurs in the middle of the year, in contrast to western countries which occurs at the end of the year.

“Our peak (holiday season) is different from western countries which is generally more at the end of the year, if we are more in the middle of the year where mostly (hotel occupancy) is 70-80% that could happen,” she concluded [sources/photo special]