STATE-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir revealed that the inauguration and reopening of the post-renovation Sarinah Building could be postponed to early 2022.

“We changed Sarinah, there is an offline but slowly online synergy. For offline, we want Sarinah to be the home of Indonesian culture, in 1960 this was what President Soekarno aspired to. Sorry for those who wanted to November 10, 2021, it looks like it will be delayed or delayed again, only early next year due to the COVID-19 condition,” said Erick Thohir in an online discussion in Jakarta.

Erick wants Sarinah to sell and market local products or brands, but Sarinah must also have marketing channels abroad by collaborating with world-renowned duty-free retailer Dufry.

Dufry is a leading retail travel company with more than 2400 outlets in 400 locations worldwide.

“In signing the cooperation agreement with Dufry, we asked them to sell 10 Indonesian products, whether it be coffee, tea, chocolate and so on. And this is of course curated,” said the Minister of SOEs.

In addition, Erick will also synergize Sarinah’s online channel.

Previously, Director of Operations III PT Wijaya Karya Sugeng Rochadi said to ensure the safety of the building before it was renovated, the contractor had collaborated with an independent team of several experts to ensure that this construction was feasible to develop.

He added that because this is one of the cultural heritages, the original shape of the building, including the relief sculptures, will be preserved.

The entire renovation process of the Sarinah Building which has started since the end of July 2020 is targeted for completion in November 2021. The restoration process is estimated to cost around Rp700 billion.

The Sarinah building was renovated after experiencing a fire in 1984, which in the end the building’s fa towerade and podium were covered with aluminum, the outdoor staircase was given a roof, and a local addition of 1 floor to the podium area.

As a Department Store as well as the first skyscraper in Jakarta, and even Indonesia, the Sarinah Building should reflect the noble values ​​promoted by its originator, the first President, Ir Soekarno. [sources/photo special]