THE INDONESIA’S Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy shows full efforts to encourage the strengthening of tourist villages as a symbol of national economic revival.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in Weekly Press Briefing, Monday (7/19), said that we will go all out, tourism villages as a symbol of national economic revival, by opening up the widest possible employment opportunities.

“COVID-19 forces us to improve our skills, improve our collaboration, and increase innovation, so that this tourist village can become the locomotive of our economic revival. It is hoped that this can increase tourism competitiveness through the 3C principles, namely commitment, competence, and champion,” he said.

Sandiaga believes that tourist villages can become world-class tourist destinations if managed properly. All potential tourist attractions must be maximized by prioritizing local wisdom.

He also briefly mentioned the situation in Indonesia, which is currently implementing the Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). Sandiaga advised the public not to give up on this policy.

“Let’s support each other, we are sure that soon we will be able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, and hopefully Indonesia will return to being a country that becomes a world-class tourist destination with a focus on tourist villages. Let’s recover our economy, win against COVID-19, together tourist village, yes we can do it,” Sandiaga added.

On that occasion, Minister Sandiaga also explained about accelerating the process of government assistance for tourism businesses as an effort to increase the resilience of 34 million people in the tourism sector in facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are planning the third quarter (of this year), but because of PPKM, we will accelerate it, including the validation process from the local government. There are IDR2.4 trillion in funds that have been approved by the Ministry of Finance, we hope this can be executed so that we can end PPKM and carry out activities as before and open up the widest possible employment opportunities,” he concluded. [ special]