PT TAMAN Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan, and Ratu Boko said the trial of opening the Borobudur and Prambanan Temple Tourism Park destinations with the PeduliLindungi application went smoothly.

According to the General Manager of the Prambanan Unit, Putro Lelono, the implementation of the PeduliLindungi application in the Prambanan area did not experience any obstacles.

“For the network, during the barcode scanning process, thanks God it went smoothly. There were no network disturbances in the Prambanan area which hampered the rate of tourists,” said Putro in a written statement received in Jakarta, Tuesday (9/21).

However, he continued, there were some problems encountered in the field. There are three problems, namely tourists do not have mobile phones, no quota for internet access, and bring children under 12 years old.

Meanwhile, Acting General Manager Unit Borobudur and Manohara Jamaludin Mawardi explained that during this trial period, visitors must undergo several stages of inspection. When entering the gate, there will be a screening process by security officers that they must have been vaccinated.

“In addition, children under the age of 12 have not been permitted because they have not been vaccinated. So, the substance is not children but the vaccination,” he said.

One of the tourists, Aini said that there were no significant problems when scanning barcodes in the Prambanan TWC area. Previously, we had already prepared the application. Earlier, the officers at Prambanan also helped the process in a friendly manner. So, everything went smoother.

Another tourist, Dewi appreciated the implementation of the health protocols carried out in the TWC area. This also creates a sense of comfort and safety for visiting tourists.

“The protocol is okay, don’t worry if you want to come here. Indeed, the protocol is really carried out correctly and neatly. Until we are traced using PeduliLindungi it is extraordinary,” she said.

Meanwhile, the total visits on Saturday (18/9/2021) and Sunday (19/9/2021) at TWC Prambanan were 643 tourists. While at TWC Borobudur, a total of 1,268 tourists visited. Meanwhile, the maximum number of visits is 4,000 tourists per day. [antaranews]