AFTER being successful in the 2020 Japan Travel Specialist E-learning Program which received high enthusiasm, the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Jakarta again launched the 2021 Japan Travel Specialist E-learning Program.

This e-learning program is intended for fellow travel agents throughout Indonesia to become a Japan Travel Specialist. JNTO Jakarta continues to provide information and education so that all fellow travel agents in Indonesia know Japan more deeply as a favorite destination Indonesian tourist.

This year, the JNTO Jakarta e-learning program was released in Indonesian and has three levels containing material about Japanese travel and quizzes that students must complete participant. The three levels are divided into: (1). Level A, contains basic information about Japanese tourism such as Japan’s geographical conditions, modes of transportation, types of accommodation, tourist destinations and popular attractions that can be found in Japan.

As for (2). Level B, presents information about the beauty of the charm in each season that Japan has to tourist destinations based on the division of Japan, and (3). Level C, there is information to explore Japan more deeply from outdoor activities, Japanese arts and traditions, urban life to various relaxation options that can be enjoyed in Japan.

The Japan Travel Specialist E-learning program 2021 can be accessed via the page from September 2021 to February 2022. Each participant needs to create an account before starting the e-learning series. Digital certificates can be downloaded by each participant who has completed all the materials and quizzes at each level.

All records of the learning process to digital certificates are stored in the account of each participant which can be accessed at any time. JNTO Jakarta prepared souvenirs for the first 300 participants who successfully completed the entire series of materials for the 2021 Japan Travel Specialist E-learning Program. []