THE INDONESIA’S Deputy for Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Nia Niscaya, said that the trend of traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic had changed.

Nia said that since the pandemic the frequency of people traveling has decreased. However, the duration of time to stay in a place becomes longer.

“Now the frequency of traveling is rare but the stay is longer like it could be more than a week,” Nia said in a webinar on Thursday (11/25).

Nia also said that nowadays people are more comfortable traveling with someone who is better known and knows about their medical history.

Not only that, ticket prices are now no longer a major concern. According to Nia, people prefer transportation that applies good health standard protocols.

“Now people are more comfortable when traveling with those who already know their friends, they are healthy. Previously, the price was the first concern, now the protocol,” said Nia.

In ordering tickets and hotels, people are also looking for ones with a money back guarantee or can reschedule.

“Refund, reschedule, that’s what determines people in choosing their trips because if the regulations change at any time, tickets can be refunded or rescheduled,” Nia remarked.

Based on data as of November 9, 2021, in Airbnb’s 2021 Winter Release, many guests are traveling longer durations, traveling to more locations and staying everywhere using Airbnb.

20 percent of all Airbnb bookings in July and September 2021 chose to stay for a month or more, and nearly half (45%) stayed for at least one week.

Meanwhile, Nia said in order to restore the tourism sector and the creative economy, the government is preparing a new normal order in the tourism and creative sector, preparing tourist destinations and building public trust, increasing tourist interest and creating attractiveness. [antaranews/photo special]