THE INDONESIAN Doctors Association (IDI) asked the government to tighten activities in and out of Indonesia following the case of the Omicron variant, which was mostly donated by foreign travelers.

According to the General Chairperson of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI) Daeng M Faqih in a virtual discussion of the Trijaya Polemic, Saturday (1/15) said this indicates that we should continue to tighten it (travel) from outside, otherwise the volume will be the case is growing again.

“Although Omicron cases from local transmission have been detected, the majority of cases still come from overseas travelers. Revocation of the list of 14 countries that are prohibited from entering Indonesia makes the government obliged to tighten supervision at the arrival gate,” he said.

He explained that it was true (the list of 14 countries) was revoked, but that all countries from everywhere had to be tightened up, whether they were Indonesian citizens or foreigners. Although cases of COVID-19 from the Omicron variant have milder symptoms, there are still cases of death. Therefore, the public must continue to anticipate the transmission of the B.1.1.529 variant.

“I also ask that health care facilities start preparing for the COVID-19 wave. If there is a fairly large number of sick people, this is what we are worried about, there will be panic in the community, and people cannot be asked to stay at home, sometimes when they feel sick, they tend to look for services,” he concluded. [ special]