PT DYANDRA Promosindo, as the organizer of the 2022 Indonesia Motor Show (IIMS) automotive exhibition, targets a transaction value of IDR3 trillion during the exhibition period from 17 February to 27 February 2022 at JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta.

According to Rudi MF, Project Manager of IIMS 2022, said that this year Dyandra Promosindo is aiming for a higher transaction value than the transaction achievement in IIMS 2021 which is carried out in a hybrid manner, amounting to IDR2.2 trillion. Even so, the target is still not lower than IIMS 2019 or at the time before the pandemic, whose transaction value reached IDR4.2 trillion.

“In 2022, by looking at the line-up of more brands, we are targeting for the number of transactions, the number of which is IDR3 trillion, this is still a moderate number,” said Rudi, in a Media Gathering, in Jakarta, Friday (1/14).

He continued, for the number of transactions, both for car and motorcycle products, the total target is in the range of 6,000 units. This target is considered quite realistic considering the ongoing pandemic conditions in Indonesia.

At the same time, Dyandra Promosindo President Director Hendra Noor Saleh added that the IDR3 trillion figure was the transaction value for 11 days of IIMS 2022. Thus, overall, he is actually optimistic that this year’s IIMS transaction value can reach up to IDR5 trillion.

This condition is because several APMs have their own policies to report total sales, so that the actual transaction value can only be submitted long after the IIMS is completed.

“I said or spoke realistically, the figure of Rp 5 trillion should be very reasonable. If you look at the track record of IIMS, the 30%-40% figure will follow (transaction value). So, IDR3 trillion is the figure at the closing of IIMS on February 27.

In terms of the brands of four-wheeled vehicles that participate, Hendra continued, the participants are far more diverse than the exhibition in 2021. In addition to IIMS partners who have become permanent participants, IIMS 2022 also succeeded in bringing back “The Lost Child” namely Suzuki and Hyundai with very large booths.

Likewise, in terms of two-wheeled brands, according to Hendra, the number of participants was even higher than IIMS 2019, precisely in conditions before the pandemic. The ticket prices for IIMS 2022 start from IDR50,000 for weekdays, IDR70,000 on weekends, and IDR150,000 on the first day of the exhibition. [antaranews]