THESE PLACES  can be an option if you visit East Sumba, but have limited time. Its location which is not too far from the center of Waingapu City makes this destination easier to reach both in terms of distance and time.

Prailiu King Village
For those who are interested in cultural tourism and want to understand the local wisdom of the local community, Kampung Raja Prailiu can be an option. The location is about 4-5 kilometers from the city center or takes about 10-11 minutes by car.

There you can see traditional houses with towering pyramid-shaped roofs known as Uma Mbatang and Uma Hori. There are also fabrics woven by local people with various motifs. Usually, the motifs contained in each cloth hold a certain meaning or story.

In this traditional village there is also a stone tomb which is the tomb of the previous kings. Visiting Raja Prailiu Village is free of entry fees and parking fees. It’s just that visitors need to maintain an attitude so as not to disturb the people who still live in the village.

Tanau Hill
If you want to pamper your eyes with a stretch of green hills, you can visit Tenau Hill. The location is about 10 kilometers from the city center or takes about 24-29 minutes by car. Visiting this location requires high caution because the road to the top of the hill is still rocky, steep, and winding.

When driving a four-wheeled vehicle, it would be better if the driver was experienced with the terrain. Visiting this place is also free of entry fees and parking fees.

Walakiri Beach
Enjoying an afternoon at Walakiri Beach can also be an option before closing the day. This beach is 24 kilometers or about 37 minutes from Waingapu City by car. The road to the beach is also paved. It’s just that, when approaching the beach, the vehicle needs to turn from the asphalt road to the rocky dirt road which is quite sloping.

You can enjoy the beauty of Walakiri Beach while eating snacks at stalls on the beach. Just sitting around enjoying the view or walking along the white sandy beach can also be a pleasant alternative.

Dermaga Lama Culinary
Located on the seafront, it is very easy to get fish or other fresh seafood in Waingapu. Eating delicious seafood can be done around Waingapu Dermaga Lama (Old Pier). There are several places to eat that are ready to process seafood into dishes that shake the tongue. While eating food, you can also enjoy the beauty of the pier in the afternoon.

The location is also not far from the center of Waingapu City, only about 3-4 kilometers or 8 minutes by car. Above are some places that can be visited in Waingapu in a day. If you have more time, there are many other tourist destinations that you can visit and it’s a shame to miss such as Wairinding Hill, Tanggedu Waterfall, Laipori Cemara Forest, and many more. [sources/photo special]