AFTER successfully holding the first online jazz competition last year, The Papandayan International Jazz Competition (TPJC), a product program of The Papandayan Jazz Management, was held again this year.

TPJC is an international jazz band competition with a hybrid concept which is held virtually using an online conference platform and social media. The competition is open to groups of professionals and amateurs, of all ages around the world and features a distinguished panel of judges.

Jazz musicians from all over the world can showcase their talents and have the opportunity to develop their presence in the jazz performing industry through their creativity, simply by submitting videos online.

Different from the previous year, this year the competition is divided into two age categories, namely Youth Jazz, under 18 years old and Jazz Warrior for over 18 years old. The competition consists of 3 rounds, namely preliminary, semifinal and grand final.

TPJC registration opens on August 10, 2022 and closes on October 10, 2022. For the participant selection process, TPJC will be judged by judges in the same format as last year, namely Alto Saxophonist from the Netherlands, Ben Van Gelder, senior Indonesian Jazz Musician Dwiki Dharmawan, Eq Puradireja, Venche Manuhutu and senior Bandung artist Hari Pochang.

In addition to having the opportunity to appear at TPJF 2023, the winners will also compete for a total prize of 100 million Rupiah, gold-plated trophies and certificates, recording deals, and collaborations with world-renowned musicians.

Like the previous year, this year TPJC again received support from the Royal Netherlands Cultural Center Erasmus Huis. Erasmus Huis has been supporting The Papandayan Jazz Fest since 2018. Through its support for music, Erasmus Huis wants to provide space for Indonesian arts, artists and groups so that this activity can strengthen relations between the two nations.

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