A TOTAL of 888 scheduled flights to and from Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou, China, were canceled due to the new findings of COVID-19 cases.

The flight schedule canceled by Baiyun Airport took place until Monday (31/10) at 12.00 local time (11.00 WIB), according to data from Flight Master, a flight information service provider, quoted by Chinese media, Tuesday (11/1).

The Guangzhou City Authority said the new cases came from other provinces in China and abroad as well as local residents. One local company reported 527 cases of locally transmitted COVID-19 on Sunday (30/10). Not only flight clusters, positive cases were found among drivers, tourists, students, and others.

“COVID-19 cases were imported through various routes, such as air, train, cargo, and private cars. People who tested positive were from cargo drivers, tourists, students, and those who came to Guangzhou for health care matters,” Guangzhou City Health Commission Deputy Director Zhang Yi told the press.

According to him, they have a complex travel history, ranging from settlements, cafes, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, to wholesale markets. The movement of people who are so dense, he continued, has resulted in an increase in cases in recent days.

He admitted that there are still weaknesses in preventing COVID-19, especially in schools because kindergarten, elementary, and high school students are usually infected from family members who live with them, while students are infected by their classmates or other communities. .

While 521 of the 527 locally transmitted cases reported on Sunday were detected from quarantine sites, six cases were discovered through community or hospital screening.

Zhang reminded the public to reduce unnecessary outdoor activities and avoid mass activities. Guangzhou, the capital of southern China’s Guangdong Province, is the most congested international flight route. The city is also known as China’s largest wholesale center and international health care referral. [antaranews/photo special]