IN THE future, work, sport tourism and bleisure are predicted to become tourism trends in 2023.

According to Shirley Lesmana, Chief Marketing Officer of Traveloka, in a media discussion “New travel tagline; Life, Your Way” in Jakarta, Thursday (12/08) said that work is a concept that combines work with elements of vacation. Since the pandemic, several companies have implemented a hybrid work system or better known as working from anywhere (work from anywhere).

This allows someone to still be able to take a vacation even while working thereby increasing productivity because it is far from boredom. Public awareness of a healthy lifestyle makes sport tourism increasingly attractive. Sport tourism is tourism combined with sports.

Sport tourism is a traveling activity with the aim of being involved in an activity or sporting event. For example the Mandalika MotoGP, Jogja Marathon, Bali Triathlon to the Tour de Singkarak.

Apart from being directly involved in sporting events or just as spectators, tourists can also simultaneously enjoy the natural beauty that exists in the area.

While bleisure is a combination of business (business) and leisure (vacation). This concept is almost similar to workation, but bleisure is more like a business trip that allows the culprit to explore and taste the special culinary delights of the surrounding locations.

However, Shirley said that the staycation that has been loved since the beginning of the pandemic is still popular among domestic tourists.

“It’s still popular because it’s very resonant with urban families, it takes a break like one night with the family to be able to refresh,” said Shirley.

Traveloka itself has just launched a new slogan that reads, “Life, Your Way”, to emphasize its position as a consumer-centric technology company. This slogan is a form of Traveloka’s commitment to meet the changing travel needs of consumers.

Through this slogan, Traveloka has three key strategies, namely comprehensive product and service solutions, quality service guarantees and the best features to increase consumer convenience, as well as the availability of favorable prices for consumers. [sources/photo special]