IN A SERIES of commemorations of International Childhood Cancer Day 2023 with the theme “Beter Survival” is Achievable #throughTHEIRhands, Anyo Run 2023, a morning run for children’s cancer social care held by the Anyo Indonesia Foundation (YAI) supported by the DKI Jakarta provincial government, Rocca Space, The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta, PZ Cussons and other child cancer observers held “Anyo Run 2023” on Sunday (03/19) at Monas Jakarta.

According to the Chairwoman of Anyo Indonesia Foundation (YAI), Pinta Manullang-Panggabean in a press conference on Monday (03/13) in Jakarta, said Anyo Run 2023 aims to raise public awareness about childhood cancer. It is hoped that we can all join hands together with each family, community, friends, and relatives to give our attention and support to pediatric cancer patients and the families who accompany them, and especially to pay attention to the complex problem of childhood cancer in Indonesia.

“Anyo Run 2023 is a special moment for each participant to jointly declare their commitment by signing the #20to60%in2030 commitment banner. With a shared determination that can be transmitted to the entire community, anyone can contribute to help save Indonesian children from cancer, and especially to give attention to the complex problem of childhood cancer in Indonesia,” she said.

Pinta Manullang-Panggabean added that YAI through Rumah Anyo has been a temporary home for children with cancer patients from various regions in Indonesia who are undergoing treatment at hospitals in Jakarta. Well, one of the goals of Anyo Run 2023 is to spread awareness of cancer in children and raise funds for the awareness program.

“It is hoped that the Anyo Run 2023 participants can become YAI’s new ambassadors, helping to disseminate information about childhood cancer to the public, so that more children with cancer can be saved,” she noted.

Meanwhile Dr. Widyastuti, MKM, Head of Health of DKI Jakarta said cancer in children cannot be prevented, is not contagious, and the chance for recovery is greater if it is found in an early condition, treated and treated completely. Although it cannot be detected, it can be alerted and recognized early.

“Symptoms of cancer in children are often not realized, so diagnosis and medical treatment are often late. Talking about cancer, the problems that arise are not only about how to overcome the disease physically, but also psychologically for children and parents who accompany them,” Widyastuti remarked.

Likewise, Elly, Corporate Communications Director of PZ Cussons said that out of concern for childhood cancer, PZ Cussons supports Anyo Run 2023 as a form of our concern for children suffering from cancer.

“Through supporting Anyo Run 2023, we support children with cancer to keep fighting and enthusiastic in living life, besides that PZ Cussons’ support for this event is also a concrete proof of our CSR program,” Elly concluded. []