THE INDONESIA’S Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is again actively contributing to reducing emissions in the world in 2030 and climate change issues in the tourism sector, in accordance with the provisions of the Paris Agreement (2015), by launching the “Kita Mulai Sekarang” or “We Start Now” Movement Campaign.

According to Tourism and Creative Economy Minister, Sandiaga Uno at Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta, Monday (03/13), 2023 explained, this step became a mitigation and adaptation campaign set nationally. This also refers to RIPPARNAS 2010-2025, namely tourism development must be based on the principle that tourism must protect and preserve the environment holistically.

“The ‘We Start Now’ movement targets to reduce carbon emissions in the tourism sector by 50% in 2030 and by 2045 it will be zero. This also refers to RIPPARNAS 2010-2025,” Sandiaga said.

Meanwhile, Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Organizers at the Ministry of Tourism, Vincent Jemadu, added that the current focus of Indonesia’s tourism development is to encourage quality and sustainable tourism.

The concept of friendship with nature and a preserved environment is an asset for Indonesian tourism to bring in tourists by considering current and future environmental, socio-cultural, and economic aspects. Quality tourism based on nature and adventure is ideal for post-pandemic development.

“The Ministry of Tourism launched the “Kita Mulai Sekarang” movement campaign aimed at domestic tourists and the ‘Every Step Matters’ movement campaign aimed at foreign tourists. The campaign aims to socialize climate change and its impact on the tourism sector, as well as mobilize tourists to start taking action now, starting from themselves, and starting from small things,” he said.

Vincent said the campaign logo for the “Kita Mulai Sekarang” movement has officially been launched. With a visualization of footprints and a mix of blue colors that symbolize the impact of decarbonization and mangrove green color that represents decarbonization action through tree planting.

“Hopefully from now on, we can all use this logo together as a form of support in combating climate change in the tourism sector. The younger generation will be directed to be the main actors of the “Kita Mulai Sekarang” and “Every Step Matters” campaigns, which will also be reinforced by sub-campaigns which are derivative programs with an approach that suits the psychographic audience regarding understanding of sustainability issues. In addition, there will be a breakthrough in communication on sustainability issues,” Vincent Jemadu concluded. []