IN CELEBRATION of St. Patrick’s Day, The Embassy of Ireland presents the “Ireland‘s Eye” exhibition in collaboration with ISA Art Gallery and Jakarta Land. This art exhibition features the work of five artists from the land of saints and scholars. The inspiring artworks are showcased for public at World Trade Center (WTC) 2, Jakarta from March 16th to April 7th, 2023.

According to Padraig Francis, Ireland Ambassador to Indonesia during the exhibition opening ceremony on Wednesday evening (03/15), 2023 said the five Irish artists, Lucy Peters, Mandy O’Neill, Michelle Malone, Myfanwy Frost Jones, and Orla Comerford, explore critical questions of climate change, globalization, social inequality, and rapid technological change from the unique perspective of an island perched between the European and American continents.

“The island of Ireland has made significant contributions to the worlds of knowledge, culture, and entertainment, providing a unique vantage point to shape an independent and creative vision,” he stated.

The Ambassador explained that the Embassy, we promotes links between two countries through art and culture. Ireland and Indonesia are very different – and very distant – countries but our economies are complementary, and our citizens and our businesses, and cultures have much to gain from closer ties. In the future, it is hoped that closer relations will be established in all fields including art and culture for both countries, so that will more artists in both countries can be collaborated to hold joint exhibitions.

“The island of Ireland’s recent history has much in common with Indonesia’s journey to independence. In Ireland, the revolutionary poets helped to imagine the new nation into being, while in Indonesia, the visual artists envisioned a singular nation from the myriad colonial and archipelagic histories and cultures of Indonesia,” Ambassador Padraig Francis remarked.

Today, he concluded the island nations of Ireland and Indonesia share a deep sense of cultural and artistic identity that is manifested in many forms, from music, crafts, storytelling, to filmmaking and urban arts. Curated by Mark Joyce from IADT, Dublin. ‘Ireland’s Eye’ is an exhibition exploring the idea of the visual arts as a critical ‘eye’ on an increasingly connected yet polarizing world. []