AIRBUS, an aircraft manufacturer from Europe, projects that demand for new aircraft in Asia Pacific will reach 17,580 units by 2041. Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia, is driving demand for new fleets.

According to Airbus President Asia-Pacific Anand Stanley, market demand in the aviation industry has recovered significantly in the last year as the COVID-19 pandemic ended. This encourages airlines to re-operate aircraft that have been parked for a long time and increase their fleet capacity.

“Demand for new aircraft in Asia Pacific has reached more than 17,000 units, from all industries, including Airbus,” Stanley said at a media roundtable gathering in Jakarta, Wednesday (6/9).

Of the total aircraft demand in the Asia Pacific region, around 30% is demand from the ASEAN region, including Indonesia. “ASEAN is the fastest growing air travel market in the world and will drive demand (for new aircraft),” Stanley said.

Several airlines in Indonesia have announced plans to increase their fleet, for example PT Pelita Air Service. Pelita Air President Director Dendy Kurniawan said the company added one Airbus A320 aircraft imported directly from Spain. The new plane landed at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on Sunday (9/02), 2023.

The new aircraft becomes Pelita Air’s seventh fleet. The company targets to operate 18 aircraft by the end of 2023.

Stanley welcomed the addition of Pelita Air’s fleet which uses aircraft from Airbus. “We are very happy that Pelita Air is adding to its fleet with our aircraft. However, they got it from a third party (lessor), so they don’t have direct transactions with us,” he concluded. [ special]