COORDINATING Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut B Pandjaitan, said that the Bali LRT fare will be priced at around US$3 or the equivalent of IDR45,000 (assuming an exchange rate of IDR15,000 per US dollar). Currently the Bali LRT project is still in the study stage at the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub).

Luhut also said that for the Bali LRT project the government considers funding not to be the main issue at the moment. “The Minister of Transportation also has a good initiative, as well as tickets, he will be given USD 3,” he said at the Hub Space Launching event at the JCC, Jakarta, Friday (9/29), 2023.

“So that funding is not an issue, what is an issue is that currently we are offering studies to countries that want to invest quickly and also do it quickly and transfer technology,” continued Luhut.

According to him, currently there are 3 countries interested in collaborating with Indonesia to work on the Bali LRT project, namely, South Korea, Japan and China. This project was carried out to reduce traffic jams in Bali. Moreover, it is predicted that by 2025, there will be 24 million passengers going to Bali. “That makes our calculations stuck for 3 hours if we don’t build up,” said Luhut.

Previously, in a limited meeting regarding the integration of public transportation modes in Jabodetabek, Thursday (9/27), President Jokowi requested that LRT transportation also be built in Bali. Currently there are new LRTs in Kelapa Gading and Jabodebek.

“The President has decided that we will carry out further studies for the LRT in Bali from the airport (I Ngurah Rai Airport) to Seminyak. If necessary, to Canggu, (the length is) 20 km,” said Luhut.

Luhut targets the groundbreaking for the Bali LRT to be carried out in early 2024 because studies on this plan have been carried out for a long time, but were stopped due to COVID-19. [kumparan/photo special]