THE PARHUTAAN Ompung Tuan Sorimangaraja site in Samosir Regency, North Sumatra, was recently inaugurated and the inauguration ceremony took place in a hybrid manner from the Parhutaan Ompu Tuan Sorimangaraja location in Sijambur Mula Tompa, located in the Pusuk Buhit area.

This inauguration is one of the steps to make the Pusuk Buhit area the zero point of the Bangso Batak civilization. This site is an important historical and cultural heritage for the Batak people. The reason is, the village which in the Toba Batak language is called parhutaan is the residence of one of the ancestors of the Batak community, namely Ompu Tuan Sorimangaraja.

In the genealogy of the Batak clans, the son of Siraja Batak is Guru Tatea Bulan and King Isumbaon. Guru Tatea Bulan lives in Pusuk Buhit in the west, while King Isumbaon lives in Pusuk Buhit in the east. King Isumbaon’s son, Ompu Tuan Sorimangaraja, used to live in this place.

With the inauguration of this site, it is hoped that it can become a historical tourist destination for Batak ancestors as well as a special interest tourist destination. This place has great potential to attract the attention of millions of Batak people in the future.

In addition, it is also hoped that this site will become a new tourist destination in the Lake Toba area. The presence of this site can increase tourist attraction in the Lake Toba area which is used as one of the super priority destinations.

The Parhutaan Ompung Tuan Sorimangaraja site will provide a historical tourism side that is closely related to traditional, cultural, and religious values. In terms of management, the government of Samosir Regency and the local community to collaborate in it. With this collaboration, it is hoped that more historical and cultural sites can be developed around the Lake Toba area.

We strongly support the existence of this historical site and hopefully in the future other Batak historical sites will be found that can contribute to the development of tourism in the Lake Toba area. It is also hoped that collaboration between the Samosir Regency Government and the local community in this case is represented by the Rumahela Community to manage and maintain the site.

The goal is that in the future this site will not only be a place for people to learn, but also be useful for the economic progress of the local community. []