THE PROLONGED pandemic has made tourism in Indonesia not run according to the program, and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is no exception. In an effort to revive NTT tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic, the Regional Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD) NTT held the NTT Tourism Sales Mission by inviting a number of tourism stakeholders, potential investors, the consulate general and the medias in Jakarta.

According to the Chairman of the Regional Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD) of NTT, Rocky Pekujawang during a presentation on NTT tourism in Jakarta, Friday (11/12) said that apart from Jakarta, the Tourism Sales Mission of NTT was also held in Bali and Bandung. This sales mission started from Bali and took place in 3 cities, held on November 8, 2021, then continued to Bandung on November 10, and now in Jakarta on November 12.

“Jakarta is the largest domestic market that NTT wants to capture, besides that Jakarta is also a gateway for foreign tourists with many flights abroad. Currently, there are 3 airlines that fly directly from Jakarta-Labuan Bajo, in the future I am sure there will be more considering that the tourist attraction in NTT is very large,” said Rocky.

Rocky continued that this Sales Mission aims to introduce and bring the potential closer East Nusa Tenggara tourism. That this archipelagic province is indeed one of the exotic provinces with a lot of beauty. Beauty on land, in the sea and even under the sea and diversity culture adds to the exoticism of this province so it’s a shame if you never lived enjoy the beauty of NTT.

“This Sales Mission, apart from introducing various tourism products in NTT, also invites people in the three cities to visit NTT,” he said.

NTT, Rocky continued, indeed since the leadership of the current Governor Victor Bungtilu Laiskodat, he has continued to fight for tourism in this area to develop. Even unmitigated tourism has been named the ‘prime mover’ sector for the economic development of NTT. This Sales Mission is in line with the determination and policy of the Governor of NTT to continue to develop tourism where promotion is one of the important fields.

“Based on data from the NTT Central Statistics Agency, the number of foreign tourists visiting NTT during 2019 was 112,806. Indeed, there is a decrease when compared to 2018 which reached 123,686 people. Meanwhile, domestic tourists who visited NTT during 2019 amounted to 456,461 people. When compared to 2018, there was also a decrease because domestic tourists who visited NTT during 2018 were 682,777 people,” he remarked.

Therefore, according to Rocky, this Sales Mission is important in addition to inviting tourists to visit NTT, as well as promoting but what is far more important than that is ensuring that tour operators include NTT in the program or tour packages offered to tourists, both domestic and foreign. []