TO COINCIDE with Pancasila’s Birthday, June 1, 2022, the X Sarinah Art District, located on the 6th floor of the Sarinah Building, Jakarta, was officially opened to the public.

“Launched to coincide with the birthday of Pancasila, we hope that the Sarinah X Art District Program can be a momentum for the revival of the creative economy in Indonesia which was hit during the pandemic by bringing the spirit of independence from Bung Karno according to the theme of our first season,” said Farah Wardani as Artistic Stylist. Art District when found in Sarinah.

“We are optimistic that the Art District X Sarinah will be able to realize the collaboration of the arts ecosystem to become a forum for creation, experimentation, and the sale of artworks as part of the post-pandemic national economic recovery,” she continued.

The Art District is the first collaboration in Indonesia that brings together the concept of cultural practices with the art market, which is designed to become a sustainable art ecosystem for Jakarta.

The presence of the X Sarinah Art District is expected to be able to answer the needs of space for empowerment, innovation, and the development of market workshops and the visual arts ecosystem in Jakarta, which so far have very minimal facilities.

The X Sarinah Art District Program is the first assimilation between cultural work and the art market in Indonesia. The development of this ecosystem aims to bring together the tourism pentahelix, namely academics, business people, communities, government, and media.

In addition to providing a sustainable art ecosystem, District x Sarinah also involves various local artists in a series of program activities such as art dialogues, thematic art exhibitions, and workshops.

This strategy is an effort to attract public attention, in particular to increase awareness and provide access to various local works of art to the general public, especially the millennial generation.

“We believe that as the generation with the largest demographic in Indonesia, millennials have a significant role in efforts to develop local arts and culture. We see a positive trend where young people are now more concerned with preserving local arts and culture,” said Fetty Kwartati as President Director of PT Sarinah.

“Nowadays young people are starting to show their existence by using local cultural attributes such as traditional cloth. In addition, they have an interest in visiting art and cultural exhibitions as a means of socializing. This positive trend can encourage millennials, who were initially only art connoisseurs, to become art collectors. We enthusiastically welcome this collaboration which is in line with the efforts to revitalize Sarinah as a Stage of Indonesian Work,” she continued.

The exhibition ‘Berdikari!’ features a compilation of works that represent the history and ecosystem of today’s leading Indonesian art, ranging from maestro A.D Pirous, Sunaryo, Dolorosa Sinaga, Sri Astari, to the Gardu House collectives, Rux Container, and Tromarama.

The first season of the X Sarinah Art District with the theme “Independence!” takes place from 02 June to 22 August 2022. People who want to spend their weekends enjoying the beauty of art can visit Dr. Room. Ir. Soekarno which is located at Sarinah 6th Floor, Jl M.H. Thamrin No.11, Jakarta with operating hours starting from 10.00-22.00 WIB. Purchase tickets can be ordered online through the site . [antaranews]