AIRLINE ticket prices increase two to five times for departures from April 19-25, 2023. The date coincides with the Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijri national holiday and Eid al-Fitr joint leave.

Based on’s monitoring as of Sunday (2/4/2023) on a number of online travel agent (OTA) platforms, airplane ticket prices have generally increased. In the Traveloka application, for example, the cheapest flight ticket price from Jakarta to Yogyakarta as of April 2, 2023 starts at IDR482,000, still stable in the range of IDR500,000 until April 14.

However, on April 15-18 the price rises to a range of IDR780,000-IDR984,000. Meanwhile, on April 19 and 20, 2023, the price immediately increased five times the normal price to IDR2.3 million. This figure drops slightly on April 21-25, 2023, or close to the day of Lebaran, to a range of IDR600,000-IDR1 million.

Meanwhile, the Jakarta-Bali route is still around IDR600,000-IDR700,000 until April 16, 2023. However, from April 17-24, 2023 the price increases to a range of IDR900,000-IDR1.4 million. The route from Jakarta to Surabaya on April 2-14 ranges from IDR600,000-IDR890,000. The price increases from April 15-23, 2023 to a range of IDR947,000-IDR1.3 million.

Same as in the application, the price of airplane tickets from Jakarta to Surabaya on April 2-14, 2023 ranges from IDR670,000-IDR880,000. The figure doubles from April 15-23, 2023 to a range of IDR945,000-IDR1.3 million. For the same departure time on April 15-23, 2023, Jakarta-Padang ticket prices are set in the range of IDR1.4 to IDR3.8 million. This figure rises from the normal price usually ranging from IDR790,000-IDR1 million.

While the price of Jakarta-Palembang airplane tickets crawled slightly from the range of IDR600,000 on weekdays, rising to IDR785,000-IDR980,000 on April 15-21, 2023. Then, for the Jakarta to Pontianak route, the normal price on weekdays ranges from IDR670,00-IDR1 million and also rises slightly. Starting April 14-22, 2023 the price will be in the range of IDR1.3 million-IDR1.4 million.

Turning to another OTA, PegiPegi, the price of Jakarta-Bali flight tickets is still around IDR660,000-IDR760,000 before April 16, 2023. But on April 17-23, 2023, it almost doubled to IDR990,000-IDR1.2 million.

As for the Jakarta to Jambi route until before April 15, 2023, it was still in the range of IDR600,000-IDR850,000. Then April 15-22, 2023 the figure rose slightly to IDR940,000-IDR1.2 million. Similar to the previous two OTAs, Jakarta to Surabaya tickets is also still IDR640,000-IDR850,000 before April 15, 2023. Then, it will increase from April 15-23, 2023 to a range of IDR940,000-IDR1.3 million.

In general, when viewed from several platforms, the highest ticket price figures are usually on Wednesday (04/19/2023) as the first day of joint leave. Therefore, people who want to board a plane for homecoming or Eid holidays should consider or choose a departure date before April 19, 2023, if they are pursuing a more sloping price. [ special]