AIRASIA Indonesia followed other airlines, such as Lion Air Group, which began providing rapid test facilities for passengers traveling through Soekarno-Hatta (Soetta) International Airport.

According to the Director of AirAsia Indonesia, Veranita Yosephine said that the service is a Drive Thru concept or a type of take-away message service. AirAsia passengers can enjoy rapid test services at a rate of IDR95,500 by visiting the Rapid Test Drive-Thru location directly at Soewarna Business Park (near the Shell gas station), the Soekarno Hatta International Airport area.

“Rapid Test Drive-Thru service at Soewarna Business Park is available every day from 04.00 to 20.00 WIB. With the special rate rapid test service, this also complements our very competitive ticket prices so far. We hope that this special offer will make it easier for people from all walks of life to travel during the adaptation of new habits to various interests,” she explained through an official statement.

Veranita added that in the near future it will also expand this service to a number of cities that have begun to be flown again. The airline has increased the availability of seats on the Jakarta-Medan and Jakarta-Bali routes, as well as reopening domestic routes, such as Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Lombok.

“Including providing domestic fly-thru (transit) services for guests who want to fly farther, namely Medan-Bali, Medan-Lombok, and Medan-Surabaya via Jakarta. As for being able to get the special rate, AirAsia passengers only need to show their booking number and identification at the rapid test location,” she said.

She added that the stages for conducting this Rapid Test were first started from registration and payment at the entrance gate for approximately 5 minutes. Furthermore, taking samples and waiting for the results of the inspection for 10 minutes -15 minutes. Retrieval of results of rapid tests and health certificates. Both the health certificate and the results of the Rapid Test are valid for 14 days from the date of inspection.

“The effort of these types of airlines with minimum service in attracting the level of demand during the new adaptation period is done by providing various conveniences by offering competitive rates, flexibility to change schedules, process credit accounts on the same day, up to 15 kg free baggage for domestic passengers,” she affirmed.

Each AirAsia passenger is allowed to carry two pieces of luggage into the aircraft cabin with a maximum total weight of 7 kg. However, if the cabin baggage exceeds the above provisions, passengers can share their luggage and utilize free checked baggage allowances of up to 15 kg for domestic flights in Indonesia, or can order additional baggage allowances before flying.

Meanwhile, for the convenience of ordering flight food services (inflight meals) by simply ordering the desired food and beverage flights on the official website or the AirAsia app through ‘My Purchases’ or ‘My Bookings’ at least 24 hours before flight time.

All food is produced and packaged to the highest hygiene standards and follows strict food safety requirements. [photo special]