PRESIDENT Joko Widodo along with a number of ministers of the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet, were present in person at Indonesia’s National Day at the Dubai Expo 2020 exhibition on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

In his remarks, the President called ‘Indonesia the Land of Majesty’, a land rich in nature and culture. Indonesia the Land of Opportunity which will continue to open up new opportunities and opportunities.

Indonesia the Land of Innovation, which will continue to innovate for future generations, becomes Indonesia the Land of Diversity. The Indonesian government participated in the international World Expo 2020 Dubai with the theme Creating the Future, From Indonesia to the World. The participation of the Indonesian government was marked by the presence of the Indonesian Pavilion at the World Expo 2020 Dubai (2021).

Cultural diversity, national wealth, and innovation were also welcomed by BRI by attending directly at the event location and carrying two big missions, namely to support the potential to increase exports of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) products and strengthen domestic investment through business matching.

According to BRI’s Director of Consumer Business, Handayani said, BRI’s presence with the two missions was a follow-up to Indonesia’s involvement in the international expo which invited many countries from all over the world. BRI wants MSME business actors to be known internationally and build a large business network so that they can drive the wheels of the national economy.

“In this activity, the Indonesian Pavilion is supported by the Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), 14 SOEs and various provincial governments. The presence of BRI-assisted MSMEs at the Dubai Expo 2020 gives Indonesian MSMEs pride on the international stage from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022,” said Handayani.

This is one of the government’s concrete supports so that MSME actors can continue to spur themselves to go global. As for the MSMEs fostered by BRI who attended the event, there were 14 selected BRI MSMEs with products such as textiles, batik, to handicrafts made from natural materials.

Handayani said, BRI as a bank that has been known for a long time to empower MSMEs continues to push this segment up class, including encouraging it to enter the international market. The reason is, Indonesia has around 64 million MSME players and is the supporter of the national economy and this activity is an opportunity to raise the export potential of Indonesian MSMEs.

Bank BRI Handayani also emphasized that through this prestigious event, BRI is committed to strengthening investment through the concept of business matching. This concept is very important considering that it can realize the strengthening of the business ecosystem from upstream to downstream. So it can minimize the risk. To introduce business matching, BRI gave presentations, talk shows, and open discussions with audiences who visited the Indonesian Pavilion.

“With business matching, the incoming investment will be more effective in building an ecosystem and a positive and strong business climate. In the future, this investment will also strengthen other business supply chains, including local ones, to strengthen domestic economic resilience. Business risks can also be suppressed to build an efficient business ecosystem,” said Handayani.

“We take advantage of this Dubai Expo activity as much as possible to raise the potential of Indonesian MSME products. As a commitment, we provide value for stakeholders in the country as well as a form of Giving Meaning to Indonesia,” Handayani remarked.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT Sarinah, Fetty Kwartati, who was also present at the Dubai Expo, revealed that Sarinah, as the manager of the Souvenir Shop and Trading Area at the Indonesian Pavilion, played a role in curating the products of MSMEs fostered from 14 SOEs and Bank Indonesia, with a total of MSMEs selected reaching as many as 121 MSMEs.

“In addition, Sarinah also does marketing for these MSME products, and produces ‘Panca’ merchandise as the official mascot merchandise of the Indonesian Pavilion at the Dubai Expo. In terms of sales at the Souvenir Shop, until November 4, 2021, sales have reached AED52,750 or equivalent to IDR211 million,” Fetty concluded. [sources/photo special]